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Paper wallet? Like you sew bills together or something?

I already thought I wouldn't give it. So many hours spent doing something that at first glance seems like complete insanity. Make a living sellingpaper wallets. My whole family, except my mom, thinks it's a nice extra income. However, when I announced to my entire family at the end of 2022 that I was resigning from my job, where I hated doing my job, with the idea that I would make a living selling paper wallets, my grandfather was almost taken to the hospital. And they almost took me to the madhouse. But if I believe in something and stand up for it, then nothing can move me! So as I said, I did. He revived the two-year-old pages with an idea that I carried with me in my right back pocket whenever I went somewhere, like   to my boss to tell him I was resigning. If you are reading these words right now, believe me I am much happier than I could ever be at work. I'm making something I believe in - wallets made of material that is tearable and cannot be soaked, but at the same time can be printed with any number of ideas, can be drawn on with crayons or acrylic paint and at the same time does not burden the planet. And that's a good enough reason to believe the crazy idea.


PS: the whole idea would never have come about without my mom, who is a seamstress and it was her idea to stitch the purses. They wouldn't be what they are without her. That's why this page is called OUR STORY


Who we are, what we do and what makes us different...

We are the first company in the Czech Republic that produces paper wallets. We make all our products from kraft paper. It is environmentally friendly, breaks down faster, gets wet more slowly and withstands higher loads. In addition, if you like to carry a leather wallet, kraft paper is close to leather in appearance, whether it is an unprinted or printed version. And on top of that, ours is thinner, so it won't weigh you down in your back pocket after a few minutes of sitting. In fact, he will never push you!

Our wallets are not just about material. Design also plays a big part. Every person is unique and has their own style, and paper is one of the best materials. You can take a pencil, pen, marker, brush and paint or even spray paint and customize your design to your liking. 

And when your wallet is used up, you can buy another one and take advantage of our wallet promotionFREE.

You will soon see more of our history here!


Marek Vosáhlo

A young startup entrepreneur with a vision that changes the way you look at your wallet.


A businesswoman with many years of experience in the field.


All these people contributed their ideas to the development of paper wallets and we thank them! 

PS: Click on their name to know more about them ;)

Martin Vosáhlo, Alžběta Gréejová, Jiří Strejc, Marek Hron,Michal Pačes,...  

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