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In nature, we decompose as fast as a banana peel!

Paper wallet?

Yes! Wallet made of plain paper. Well, not so ordinary. It is a natural biodegradable paper that is very resistant to tearing or tearing. Because it can be made from many types of trees, such as pine, bamboo and oak, it saves material costs. It therefore retains its natural color and therefore does not require any excess bleaching to get harmful chemicals into the environment. In addition, it is produced in most cases from damaged trees that cannot be used in the production processes of other areas of industry. And if you still like the look of a leather wallet, kraft paper is close in appearance to leather. So just choose which print suits you best.

And when it can no longer be used?

To compost with her!


When your wallet reaches the end of its life, feel free to throw it on the compost. Kraft paper decomposes twice as fast as an orange peel. Here in about 5-6 months.

We have the thinnest and lightest wallet on the world market!

No scam!

Really! We are the only ones in the world to sell wallets that weigh only 10 grams! And that's not all. We have even the thinnest wallets. The width of our wallet is only 2 millimeters. And only in the widest place. At its narrowest, it's only 1 millimeter!

And if you have a lot of bonus cards?

Mobile applications will suffice

No more drawing cards in your wallet!

We also thought about bonuses. Just upload them all to a mobile app that you can download from the Appstore or the Google Play app.

So ... have you already chosen the design of your paper wallet?

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