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In nature, it decomposes as quickly as a banana peel! 

Paper wallet?

Yes! A wallet made of plain paper. Well, not so ordinary. It is a natural biodegradable paper that is very resistant to tearing (lasts approx. 4-6 months everyday carrying). As it can be made from many types of trees, such as pine, bamboo and oak, it saves material costs and at the same time reduces the carbon footprint. He will keep it natural color and therefore there is no need for any excess bleaching that would introduce harmful chemicals into the environment. In addition, it is produced in most cases from damaged trees that cannot be used in the production processes of other areas of industry. A z one we will make more than 2000 of such a tree paper wallets. And if you still like the look of a leather wallet, kraft paper is close to leather in appearance. So just choose which print suits you best. 

And when it can no longer be used?

To compost with her!

Zero Waste.

When your wallet is used up, feel free to throw it in the compost. Kraft paper decomposes 2x faster than orange peel. So in about 5-6 months. Or throw it in paper containers - the wallet is recyclable.

We have the thinnest and lightest wallet on the global market! No more discomfort!

No scam!

Really! We are the only ones in the world that sell wallets that weigh only 10 grams! And that's not all. We have even the thinnest wallets. The depth of our wallet is only 2 millimeters. And only in the widest place. At its narrowest, it's only 1 millimeter! So no more pushing in your back pocket, when you sit down!

And when it can no longer be used?

To compost with her!

You won't find that anywhere else!

It was our idea to stitch paper and thus make an even more extraordinary wallet out of a not so ordinary material. Well, to be precise, it was my mom's idea. So something was created that no one in the world has yet - stitched hard paper! And we sew all wallets on a sewing machine that does not need electricity to operate.

What if you have too many bonus cards?

A mobile app will suffice

No more carrying bonus cards in your wallet!

We also thought about bonuses. You just need to upload them all to a mobile application, for example an app Stocard, which you can download in Appstore or in the application Google Play

So...have you already chosen your paper wallet design?

Image by Sime Basioli

And won't it get damaged if it gets wet?

Certainly not

For example, if it starts to rain or your wallet gets wet while washing your hands, you just need to wipe it and then let it dry for a while, but in most cases, it is ready to continue its services right away. Damage can only occur if you rinse the wallet in water for a long time. It can then be deformed (the paper will be wavy) or even tear at the stitching points. However, none of us usually do this and the wallet is more than ready for normal use.

And where should I put the change?

Start saving! Or put a tip

We are currently working on a wallet that would have a pocket for change. But we don't have one yet. But what we definitely have is a lot of ideas for where to spend the change! Gentlemen can use the small pockets in their trousers, where watches used to be put, and ladies can use, for example, a handbag. You can then put your change in a piggy bank, mason jar or mug. And then enjoy anything for it - like a new paper wallet. You can gift nice coins to someone who collects them. And what if you don't want to do either? Then simply give a tip and make someone happy!

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