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Why have a photo of your family or friends in your wallet when you can have it right on it? Send us a photo of your family or friends and we'll print it on your wallet!* (the upload photo button is below this page. Follow the instructions at the end of this paragraph). Keep your loved ones close at hand. Whenever you feel homesick, just look at your new wallet and you'll feel better right away. Or it will remind you that you want to call your family. Or to friends who are like family to you.

- The white color in the photo will appear on the wallet as the color of the paper, photos with high contrast light and dark look best. The silhouettes look great too

- The photo can be sent by clicking on the button below on the page (the procedure is described below) or by sending it to the email address with your first and last name, which you provide when creating the order.

- Name the photo in the style "Name.Surname.Name of Wallet" - for example "Jana.Novakova.Selfie" (otherwise it will not be possible to assign the photo to your order).

- *Procedure for uploading a photo right here on the page - after clicking the "CLICK HERE TO UPLOAD PHOTO/S" button, Google Drive will open (if you are not logged in, log in). Then drag the photo into the open folder and name it accordingly (naming instructions above). If you have multiple photos, repeat the process for each photo. Only one photo can be printed on the wallet (unless it is a pre-prepared photo collage)


SKU: 010
  • Material: Brown kraft paper 170g/m² (4.03lb/ft²)


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