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FROM 1.1.-31.12.

FREE Wallet

Want a FREE wallet? All you have to do is purchase one of our wallets and ask your friends and loved ones to write your order number in the Cart section in the Notes section when purchasing our wallet.

When we receive 5 orders (10 orders for orders outside the Czech Republic) and your order number is in the Notes, we will send you an e-mail with a questionnaire where you fill in which wallet you want and to which address you wish to send it.

And for those who like to spread the name of our company, we have an extra bonus - after we receive more notes with your order number, you will receive another wallet, after five more, and after five more...

- The offer is valid after purchasing a wallet from 1.1.-31.12. the same year. In order to renew the offer, you need another year (which starts on January 1) fortoOget a new wallet.

-It is not possible to write two order numbers in the comments in the Cart section. Only one order number can be mentioned in the note.

Notes on the rules:

Image by NeONBRAND

FROM 1.1.-31.12.

Take a picture and get a wallet for FREE

Do you have an Instagram account? Great. You are halfway to a free wallet. Then you just need to buy a wallet from us and after receiving the wallet, take a picture of it (if you are also in the photo, it will be the best!) and put the photo as a post on your IG account and at the same time tag our account 

@walletnery_store and put hastag #walletnery

You can also put a photo as IG Stories. 

The important thing is that Your post had 10 likes. If it doesn't reach that number of likes, you can't get the free wallet.

After a week of publishing a post that reached 15 likes send us a link to messages on Instagram. Add to the message which wallet you would like (it can also be your own design that you have already ordered) and your name with the address to which we should send the wallet. You will have the wallet in your mailbox within a week.

As we want the offer to be accessible to everyone, you can get a free wallet even if you have less than 1000 followers. However, with each additional follower, the number of free wallets increases. Here is an overview of how many wallets you can get for your followers:

1-1000=1 wallet

1001-5000=3 wallets

5001-10000=5 wallets

10001- ∞=max 10 wallets in one year

- The offer is valid after purchasing a wallet from 1.1.-31.12. the same year. To renew the offer, it is necessary to purchase a new wallet for the next year (which starts on January 1).

- The event is currently only valid for citizens of the Czech Republic!

Notes on the rules:

Image by Lukas Blazek


Fill out the survey and get a FREE wallet

It is easy! All you have to do is fill out the questionnaire, which wallet do you think is the prettiest, on the HOME page and at the beginning of the month, get a little lucky and the wallet is yours. Choose the one you like the most from the menu, fill in your email address and wait for the beginning of a new month. Good luck :)

- The questionnaire can be answered only once. After multiple voting, only the first vote will be taken.

- Currently valid only for members of the Czech Republic!

Notes on the rules:

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